Ru En


  • Secrets of the family, karma, past.
  • Protection from negative influences.
  • Information about the state of the biofield and chakras.
  • Cleansing and protection of the house. Problems with children.
  • Angelotherapy.
  • Cleaning of the aura.
  • Business forecast and ensuring good luck in business.
  • Opening a money channel.
  • Individual selection of talismans.

You can purchase talismans from Nadin.

It is a powerful weapon that will win in any life botallies, it is a reliable protector. All talismans from Nadin are charged with the energy of the Sun. With a wonderful talisman from Nadin you will feel safe. Its powerful force will throw away the flow of negative energy from you.
Talismans from Mrs. Nadin:

- for a career - 100$
- for love - 150$
- per family - 150$
- for wealth (exclusive) - 300$
- to health - 150$

If you wish to purchase a talisman, please fill out the form. Talismans will be sent to your address upon prepayment.