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Nadin is one of the most famous Psychics in the USA, an expert on energy and its impact on our lives, parapsychologist and life coach.

Member of the Wayne University (USA, Detroit, Michigan) and EMDR - Institute (Los Angeles, California), Montclair State University (USA, New Jersey).

Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Psychodiagnostics. She studied at international programs in the Netherlands, Greece, Germany and Georgia. In her work she combines methods of therapy and process approach.

Nadine manages to create a receiving space where the most difficult experiences unfold and take shape. She is able to be on the client's side, even if the whole world is against it, while maintaining awareness and connection to reality. Colleagues and clients appreciate Nadine's honesty, openness, creativity and ability to experiment, which are combined with a sense of tact.

She helps those who find themselves at a professional or creative impasse, on the threshold of a difficult decision or a new life stage. Works with the effects of psychological trauma and abusive behavior. Clients with anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, obsessive thoughts turn to her. She works effectively with those who find it difficult to be in their own environment, who feel their otherness.

Finally, the moment came when she fully realized her purpose. By this time Nadine, who had managed to graduate in psychology from the university, was an experienced psychologist and educator. But what is the psychology of the material world worth when the gates of the Beyond open before you?

The moment when Nadine fully realized her destiny coincided with her stay in the land of ancient Hellas. It was here that she felt that the bond of time was being joined in her face, and that the ancient knowledge of Hellas was taking her back to the roots from which Nadine's ancestors had apparently drawn their knowledge.

The main thing she felt in Greece was a sense of recognition. Once in Greece, it was as if she had returned to a long-lost homeland.

It was in Hellas that Nadine had been initiated and absorbed the last secrets of the Secret Knowledge. It was in the walls of the Acropolis, which remembered the time when the Gods descended to earth and mingled with mortals.

Since her initiation, Nadine has traveled a long road of spiritual quests. Today, her unique abilities, incredible spiritual power, and ability to command the spirits of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire make Nadine a powerful protector against negative influences.

Thousands of people who have been lucky enough to experience the power of her supernatural gift owe Nadine a return of health, a saved life, deliverance from unfavorable karma, happiness, success, love.

Nadine is widely known these days in America and Europe. She is well known in the circles of influential politicians and business people, artists and scientists, athletes and artists. She has helped the Greek national team achieve stunning results at the Olympic Games, thousands of families have been saved, hundreds of happy marriages have taken place, and many businesses have flourished thanks to her and their owners have achieved tremendous financial success.

Do you need to interrupt a prolonged cycle of problems and failures? Create and maintain a loving relationship? Relieve tension and conflict, at home and at work? Go through the pain of loss, betrayal, divorce? Overcome various kinds of difficulties or get rid of bad habits? Need to make vital decisions and achieve success in different areas of life?

Do not hesitate!

Psychotherapist, psychologist Nadine, will remove from you the results of the impact of negative energy, view your energy balance, make a unique psychoanalysis, which will help you to acquire luck, health, financial success, put energy protection, will help you find effective and powerful talismans.

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